The Alphabet, Vocabulary, and Phonics

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The Alphabet, Vocabulary, and Phonics

Post by Cassi on Wed Aug 31, 2016 10:27 pm

I have a pretty standard format that I swear by in my classes.

Start with Alphablocks alphabet Basic Intro Basic 2

1. introduce the vocabulary, practice pronunciation, and letter recognition.
     For the slides with the words and alphabet, point at the letter  and SAY "A",
     point at the word and read the word. "apple" Point at the bottom "a-a-a-" and say
     the sound that letter makes.

2. practice and memory strengthening via Disappearing words

3. Phonics and phoneme distinguishing with "Odd one out" and "Which letter?" short activities.

Practice Writing the Alphabet for 5-10minutes.

then a card game or any other reinforcement game from the arsenal.
- Telephone
- Go fish
- Charades
- Pictionary
- 4 Corners
- Zombie game
- worksheet like FunFonix-ABC, FunFonix-Intro

I use the super simple learning flashcards. Mini cards Set 1 Uppercase and Lowercase.
DIY Flashcards

A sample powerpoint that I made. Here


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