First Day of Teaching Elementary

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First Day of Teaching Elementary

Post by Cassi on Sat Aug 27, 2016 2:19 pm

This is what I did my first day.
First Day Rules Slide
I also had a pre-drawn and colored name card with things I like drawn on it. I had the students make their own. They aren't very creative, so they copied a lot of my stuff.

Below is a much better breakdown than what I did my first day. The first week and month are usually the hardest. But you can do it!  sunny

Getting to know you
1. The Teacher (5-8minutes) Pictures and clips or songs of things that you enjoy.

2. The students (10-15minutes with coloring and 2-3minute explanation and demonstration which means you should make your own template of a name card or whatever else you plan on doing with them. Coloring and name cards are easy  Smile )
-------ask their preferences < pokemon, minions, zootopia - whatever

3. Rules and Routine (10-20 minutes either before #2 or at the end)
-------Try your best etc etc  (5-8minutes)
(I used positives and they didn't even care. I said don't do xyz and they become more responsive. Students need to know their boundaries. No fighting. Listen. And Try your best are my three rules. Come up with whatever works best for you. Respond to things you won't let jive, immediately and be a hard ass. Become more lenient after 8-10 more classes, so you can establish dominance Twisted Evil )

------Routine (8-10 minutes)
Either start with a video, a mini game, or a song. Students will understand that this is a cue to listen, and it makes the beginning of class flow better. Mini games like hangman or "guess this/that" are really useful. Just do it. Wink


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